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was promoted in 1985 by one of the most experienced and veteran person in the field of Ayurvedic formulations Shri Umesh Sharma 70 Years Shri Sharma has worked with one of the national Ayurvedic brand “Baidyanath”  for about 35 years in various capacities.  With his son Shri Vijay Sharma, 45 years having education qualification as B.Com., LL.B, D.Pharma and D.M.M. Who has started a retail Ayurvedic Stores in 1979 and then worked with Ayurvedic Company “PUMA” from 1981 to 1983 as Sales Representative before starting this venture took the lead in marketing under his experience and guidance. The family has got experience in marketing of Ayurvedic formulations and medicaments of over 5 decades.

The commercial production was started with 4 products in Sept. 1988, today it was got about 35 products in market.


The age-old remedies and secrets of Ayurveda, India’s ancient medical system is now being explored and appreciated by the modern world. Based on cures from nature, Ayurveda is now more acceptable by being both chemical free and environment friendly. Shivayu Ayurved Limited with it’s Promoter’s experience in the field of Ayurveda, for more than four decades, has been one of the leaders in the commercialization of the herbal concept and has successfully adapted age old knowledge to modern needs. The company believes in constant research and updating of its products. The Company is actively involved in developing Ayurvedic medicines into user friendly forms like capsules, liquids, tablets, ointments, powders, granules and herbal massage oils.

Purity and quality being the watchwords of the company, it is but natural that the shop-floor is extremely hygienic and is supervised by an experienced team comprising eminent Ayurvedic vaidyas and chemists from the field of pharmaceuticals. The entire production processes, starting from raw materials to the finished products, are subjected to the careful scrutiny of this expert team. Besides having equipped research and development Laboratory, the Company is having a data bank, based on information available in ancient text on various herbs and also its research of modern times.

The Company has domestic marketing network in central and northern India with 85 products in the market. The products are marketed through four C & F agents and 276 stockiest supervised by a professionally competent team of 38 sales personnel, 3 Regional Sales Managers and one marketing Manager.

The Company is in exports also and has developed a product range based on needs of export market in the United States of America, with regular shipments.

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