Export Product Range

1. CHURNA – Herbal Powder Products

A. Powder Products (single herbs) –

Churna is a fine powder of single herb.

• The Herbal Powder Products can also be made available in capsules after it’s fortification as per needs and specification.
• The granules of the fortified Herbal Powder can also be made by using natural edible gums as binding agents
• Any Herbal Powder can be made as per needs & requirements.

B. Powder Products: (combination)

(As per formulations prescribed in ancient Ayurveda text).

• The Herbal Powder Products in combination with more than one herb and it is prepared as per formulations prescribed in ancient text. The products like Triphala Churna, Trikatu Churna, etc. comes into this category.

C. Granules Products :

The herbal powder products can easily be converted to Granules to make it more palatable. The existing product in this category:

Name Indication
Herbalax Granules * Herbal Laxative
Shivayu Anulome Laxative
Granules Assists smooth bowel movement, Non habit froming, Herbal, safe & effective laxative

Herbayu Herbalax Granules * developed for US Export.


The Herbal aqueast extracts are prepared by Rasakriya method prescribed in  Sharangadhar Samhita one of the very ancient Ayurvedic text. Herbal aqueas Extracts are  more effective than its crude form,  with  considerably low doses.  The extracts are in dry form, which are always easy to fill in capsules. The tablets of    the herbal extracts can also be made. The Herbal extract can be made as per requirements.


The company has developed a range of Herbal products in capsule form in which  Herbal aqueas extracts and Herbal crude powder has been used as ingredients.


NAME OF PRODUCT                          INDICATIONS
Acidoff Plus Capsule                             Natural Antacid
Aamant Plus Capsule                            Herbal Amoebiacidal and cyst passer
Carditone Plus Capsule                         Herbal cardiac Tonic
Jeevak Plus Capsule                             Natural Stimulant Vitalizer,
                                                                A product for super fitigue
Livon Plus Capsule                                A Herbal liver protective and stimulant
Mutral Plus Capsule                              Natural Diuretic
Plihari Plus Capsule                              Natural Spleen and Hepatoprotective
Raktafi Plus Capsule                             Natural Blood purifier

The capsule Products can be made out of Hard Gelatin Capsules or Vegicaps   as per required specification.


Name of Product INDICATIONS
Medhavi Tablet Nature’s  Assurance for Healthy mind
Balwant Tablet Nature’s Assurance for Vitlity
Vatari Tablet Nature’s Assurance for healthy joints
Memotone Tablet Nature’s Assurance for improved memory
Skintone Tablet Nature’s Assurance for  healthy skin
Herbaliv Tabet Nature’s Assurance for   healthy liver
Meno Tablet Nature’s Assurance for  memo pausal comfort
Jeevak Tablet Nature’s Assurance for  life’s stresses
Menstry Tablet Nature’s Assurance for Menstrual Comfort
Medari Tablet Nature’s Assurance for Lipid control
Nirantar Tablet Nature’s Assurance for healthy heart
Kafayu  Tablet # Nature’s Assurance for irritating cough

 ** Herbayu Film Coated Colored Tablets  &

# Chewable Tablet developed for  US Export